Monday, July 26, 2010

How does GL remember how to microwave popcorn, but forget to eat it?

GL loves popcorn. When anyone else makes it, he's sure to come along and sample theirs. He was asking for it so often, it was a great day when he learned how to microwave it himself. But lately, he puts it in the microwave, starts it, leaves the room, and forgets to come back. Once it's cold, he no longer wants it.

So when the microwave beeps,  I have a choice of finding and reminding him now, or throwing his popcorn away later.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goldilocks befriended two children who just moved to the neighborhood!

That may not sound like much, but for a boy with autism, it's a big deal! He is thirteen, and wants to have friends, but doesn't know how to make friends or understand how friendship works. We've had trouble with neighborhood bullies taking advantage of him, and he would just accept it because he was so desperate for friendship. (Click the Label "the kids down the street" if you haven't read all that story before.)

He doesn't usually understand enough of what older kids are doing to participate, but younger kids sometimes find him intimidating because he's bigger than they are, and don't know what to make of him because he's different.

A family with a girl and a boy, about ten and eight, I'd guess, moved in next door a few weeks ago. They haven't been home much, and until recently, kept their distance. GL saw them playing in the yard, went out and introduced himself, and asked if he could play! They accepted, and BB joined them a bit later. The four of them had an enjoyable game of tag.

Taking the initiative, approaching a potential playmate, following social conventions, joining in, and playing a game without adult supervision or assistance--for him any one of these would be an accomplishment, but doing all of them in one afternoon integrated into one activity is huge!

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More Mom-Type Quotes

Yesterday's post got me thinking about the things parents say. I remembered several things my mother used to say, as well as several things I never thought I'd have to say to my kids. In no particular order:

"Was what you did right?"

"Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear."

"Or in your nose."

"I don't care who started it; you stop it now!"

"If you know it will make your brother mad, don't do it. If you know it will make your brother mad and you do it anyway, don't complain to me when he gets mad about it."

"If you put a popcorn kernel in your ear, it will not grow popcorn. It will get you a trip to the emergency room."

"Don't pick your nose. If you do pick your nose, don't wipe it on your brother. And definitely don't try to feed it to your brother. If you do pick your nose and try to feed it to your brother, don't complain to me when he hits you."

"Don't hit your brother. Don't hit your brother and then tattle on him for hitting you back."

"It's just as annoying when you do it."

"Crying never solved a math problem."

"'I can't' never did anything."

We also frequently quote movie lines in appropriate (or inappropriate) situations.
(Can you tell what our favorite movie is?)

"Stop that rhyming, and I mean it!"


"You're very smart. Now shut up."

"I'm not listening! Nobody's listening!"

"As you wish."

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Help! I'm Turning into My Mother! or, When You Care Enough to Steal the Very Best (tm)

Today I'm stealing a note my sister left on Facebook:

Bits of Motherly Wisdom I never dreamed I'd say to my kids, but actually did
Yesterday at 10:52am

As a mom, I sometimes find myself saying things to my kids that my mom used to say to me, and even things that her mom used to say to her. For example: When I'm planning a surprise--"Keep your eyes and ears open, and your mouth shut, and you"ll find out." Or at mealtime--"If it tastes funny then giggle while you eat it." Regarding a lost item (perhaps a pair of shoes) "Last time I wore them, I put them away." On hearing the complaint I'm bored--"Only boring people get bored." And the one I remember hearing a lot, "If you ask me again, the answer is no."

But there are bits of motherly wisdom that somehow I just never imagined I'd say to my kids. I decided last year that I should start a list of these. I promise you that there is a perfectly logical explanation for each of these statements. And no, neither I or my children, have committed any crimes.

So here they are:

"But I don't need the sword right now, I'm not fighting any pirates tonight."

"Don't kiss your broccoli."

"Be a whispering peacock."
And it's companion quote
"Don't ask the peacock to chase you!"

"You can't sue a peach can."

"I can't understand you when you talk with a car in your mouth."

"And where did you put the dead body?"

"Don't tell people that you suck on your monkey's ear."

"You can't brush your teeth with your sword."

"You may pick your nose, but you're not supposed to tell people about it."

"Don't burn your lips kissing your gun."

"I can't understand you when you talk like a whale."

"Don't use your sword to pick your nose."

"Don't wash your armpits with your iced tea."

"Stop chewing on Batman."

"Stop sucking on the car."

And the strange movie quote that I use on sunny mornings to wake my kids up for school, "The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my giant chicken has defeated Elmo."

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Monday, July 5, 2010

But you'd look sweet upon the seat...

Papa Bear's Papa rode his tandem bike with Brother Bear in our hometown Independence Day parade. You probably know the chorus of Daisy Bell, but have you heard the answering folk song?

Harry, Harry
Here is my answer true.
I can't cycle, for I get black and blue.
If you can't afford a carriage
There won't be any marriage.
For I'll be switched if I'll be hitched
On a bicycle built for two.

And now for an afternoon of eating, drinking, and napping. 

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

How Rude!

GL has a hard time telling when people are joking, so when he gets it, it's a big deal. When he responds with a joke of his own, it's a bigger deal. When his joke is actually funny, it's the biggest deal of all. Yesterday I was out in the yard, and he asked MB for the 500th time, "Where's Dad?"

In exasperation she said, "I ATE him!"

"Mom, that was rude! You didn't leave any for me!"

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