Thursday, September 26, 2013

High School

 Sorry it’s been soooooooo long since I posted. You might even be wondering “Who in the world is this?” Well to re-introduce myself I’m Brother Bear. And because I’ve changed a bit since I’ve last posted. Here’s in a nutshell who I am. I have black hair dark brown eyes and have glasses. I like Star Trek (not the original series or any thing with Kirk in it. My favorite is Voyager because it’s a continuing story and you kind of have to see the whole thing. Like a lot of guys I like fire, fire works, blowing stuff up that kind of. So it’s no surprise when a teacher put mythbusters on one day I thought it was pretty cool.


 Freshman year is looking a lot better than 8th grade. As you probably know if you’ve been reading Papa Bears posts I was put in public school at the beginning of 8th grade. The teachers and education was fine but the kids were just mean: making fun of me, rude nicknames that sort of thing. But this year even the people that were jerks last year are nice this year. The two real friends I made at school last year that moved up to the high school with me I’m not sure are my friends this year. One went never serious and mean. Wouldn’t talk about it then when I told him I wanted to back off on our relationship two days ago he put his act together. So, I have no idea where we’re going to end up. The other one I think she’s avoiding me. So, I don’t know where that going either.


My teachers are great! My favorite one is Mr. M.B. my science teacher. He’s the one that put on mythbusters. And he can relate anything to science. He the best teacher in the school I’m told. One day we did a lab on measuring and mixing colored water. He called it the rainbow lab. The point was to follow directions and practice measuring. My group was the first one to get it done correctly. So, Mr. M.B. took my picture with the experiment and put it on the web site.


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