Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good on Ya!

I'm don't know if I'm the only one who does this, but sometimes when I leave a comment on a blog, once I get going, I have so much fun, it grows into a post of its own. So I put it on my blog. I just left such a comment on Joy and Gladness:

Just wanted to stop by and say that I do read your blog, but I usually don't show up on your site meter because I read it through Google Reader. I just caught up on the last ten posts, which I enjoyed. I am now only 538 posts behind on the bogs I read.

To all that happened in the past couple of weeks, I say, "Good on ya!" (I think that means, "You done good, Congratulations, Good job, Hooray!, Thanks be to God, Good luck, Good show!, Hallelujah!, Whew!, Wow!, Mazel Tov!, Amen, Salud(a), A votre sante, Bless your heart, Skoal!, here's lookin' at you, here's mud in your eye, Score!, Go---al!, Swish! it may be, it could be, it's outta here!, take a bow, take a victory lap, take a load off, this Bud's for you, Gesundheit!, Praise the Lord, the Lord be with you, You Rock!," and, "You deserve a break today," but all in a "Boy, am I tired, and I'll bet you are, too!" kind of way. In certain contexts, I think it can also mean, "You may kiss the bride." Shalom and aloha have got nothing on "Good on ya!" But I could be wrong.) Hmm, that was so much fun, I think I'll steal it for my blog.

P.S. I *don't* have high-speed internet, so have fun with all the gadgets, but please don't let them keep the page from loading for those of us who can't use them anyway.

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Blogger Brownie said...

Hey thanks! I like the advertising to my blog :)

Does my page really load that slow? I remember when I just had dialup there were blogs I didn't even bother with. Let me know?

May 16, 2010 at 4:26 PM  
Blogger Papa Bear said...

No, according to
your most recent post comes up in 4 seconds. For some reason, the stopwatch stops at 10.42 seconds, although the page continues to load. My most recent post comes up in 7 seconds, and the whole page loads in 19.6 seconds. You are a paragon of tasteful and efficient web design. Or you choose good options. Just keep us po' folks in mind as you add gadgets.

I'm not a big fan of decorative borders, but yours are fairly unobtrusive and they load quickly. I've seen others that really bog down the page load. You might enjoy the "World's Crappiest Web Page" at:
It lists ways to make your readers' experience less pleasant. But from looking at your blog, you already know what not to do.

There was a blog I really enjoyed reading, but the writer put eight high-res pictures of her kids at the top, and made you wait for those to finish loading *every visit* before you could read any text. I avoided those by subscribing to her blog in Google Reader, but she put a lot of high-res photos in her posts, too. (A word to the wise: Blogger reduces the resolution to what can actually display in the size it will appear on your blog. If readers click on a photo, it takes the to the full resolution version. If you write your own HTML, you'd be wise to do the same.) I don't mind a series of photos, but spread them over several short posts. As long as she only included one or two photos in each post, I could read it. If she limited it to three, (or even four on a good day) the post was slow to load, but I could load the whole thing. More than that, the connection would time out, and I couldn't load the whole post no matter how many times I tried. When she put *eleven* high-res photos in one post, I complained. She got so offended, she stopped blogging entirely.

May 16, 2010 at 7:57 PM  

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