Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just a few highlights of our crazy life.

The Bathroom is Occupied.
Papa Bear is always trying to make my life a little easier. As the only woman in house with one full-sized and two teen sized men and one bathroom. Privacy can be a problem. Recently, I wanted to take a bath without the dozen or so interruptions that can occur if I don’t complain. So I asked Papa to ask the boys to use the bathroom before I entered. He wanted to be extra sure that they both understood they must go now and not later. “if you need to use the toilet go now, if you might have to use the toilet go now, if you have EVER used the toilet go now! We will not be bothering your Mother during her bath, go now!”

The Flower Caper
We were on our way to drop off Brother Bear at Papa Bear’s sister’s so the rest of the family could go to Madison for Goldilocks’ recent medical tests. We needed gas and I wanted to get some flowers for Papa Bear’s sister as it was her birthday. So we were multitasking. Papa dropped me off to get the flowers and took the car & the boys to the gas station in the parking lot to gas up. I got my purchase, speedy quick and wanted to join Papa inside the gas station so I just poked the flowers through the open car window to place them on my car seat. This is what I heard from the back seat.
Brother Bear: Oh no, a burglar!
Goldilocks: A burglar giving us flowers?

Are we there yet?
On a recent two hour car ride to Madison. Goldilocks was BORED, he didn’t have Brother Bear to tease, hit, fight or play with. So he asked frequently “are we there yet?” as he is just beginning to understand the concept of time. I would answer in the number of hours or minutes I thought we would still be on the road. Here is just a taste of that conversation.
Goldilocks: When will we be there?
Mama Bear: In about one hour.
Goldilocks: You said that three hours ago. I want to play in the pool.

Note to self never tell a child that the hotel at the other end of the trip has a pool, if you want to talk or hear about anything else for the rest of your trip.


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