Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vacation- Days 2 & 3

Day 2- We had a super time. I learned much in the Moms group about de-junking & getting Goldilocks ready for school (our boy is going to public high-school in just a few weeks! Sob!) and had a fun craft,tie-dye. Unfortunately I also got a monster sun related headache, so when the boys when to bed at 7:30pm so did I.

Day 3- We got to camp on time!!!!! Yeah me! (I'm not so good at being on time on vacation) The boys ran off without even saying good-bye. You got to know them to know that shows how much they love this camp. I had a super time again. Today we talked about refocusing, with God as the center of our focus. And all the rest falls into place. I also got to show off my beading projects to my friends. I am beginning to be a crafter, like the kind who do craft shows, but I first wanted to show my work to those I know & trust. This group of Moms is so great! I not only got feedback on my skills, I sold a lot of my projects & had a couple of special orders. I just finished the special orders and noticed it's almost vacation Day 4. I'd better get to bed.


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