Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mumble, Mumble

Kelly at Unplanned Trip to Holland posted about her son's mumbling. GL doesn't do that exactly, but he will often come into the room mumbling, walk up to me like he wants to tell me something, and continue mumbling just softly enough that I can't quite make out the words. If I ask him what he said or what he wants, he says, "Never mind," or "I was talking to myself!" (In a tone that suggests, "How dare you interrupt me!") If I don't ask what he's saying, he'll continue mumbling until I ask.

The few times I have been able to pick out some of the words, he was asking for something. He apparently thought if I didn't hear the question, I couldn't say no. He seems to do this a lot when he's asking for something he's not sure he can have. I'd be happy to let him have many of the things he asks for but, since his requests are all over the map, I don't dare say yes without hearing the question. He thinks that's not playing fair.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,Papa Bear - thanks for the shout out! And, for taking time to answer my question about things that other kids with autism may or may not do!

Everytime Ted and AJ respond to me, they respond in a similar fashion to GL, "What?!" Like I am bothering them, when in truth, they just asked me for a drink (for example) and I call them to get it and it's like holy cow! I just interrupted their entire lives. :-/

July 27, 2011 at 5:34 PM  

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