Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A phone number you should know

When our family is sick, it’s hardest on Goldilocks. No, he doesn’t catch the worst case of the bug. Quite the opposite. That’s why it’s so hard on him. He doesn’t understand that we are sick and have absolutely no desire to go to the store, beach, or the big library in the next town down the road. When I’m sick, 20 minutes in the car so he can spend 5 minutes in the fancy library is not tops on my list. The last few days our family has been sick. It seems to be an allergy based cold. It starts with allergy symptoms then drains the life out of you one drop at a time. There have been many sneezes, coughs, headaches, and sore throats. Everyone just wants to be left alone. Everyone except Goldilocks! He, on the other hand, has spent three days searching for the cruise director. He wants someone to entertain him every minute of the day. Well, last night I had had enough. I told him he had “no right to be so nasty go to your room and calm down.”
I was not ready for his reply: “I have to be nasty, God said so. You can call him to check, his number is 55-0795!”


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