Friday, August 12, 2011

Vacation- Day 6

Friday is always the best day, the shortest day, and the worst day of camp. Because it’s the last day of camp. In the morning the Moms group practised our skit for the talent show at the close of camp.
All the different age groups of kids were in their own groups. Each age group also had a skit. The Moms group got to perform first, because we all wanted to have good seats to watch our kids in the talent show. The theme of camp this year was “Shake it up cafe,(finding God’s recipe for your life).” All the skits tried to use the theme. The Moms got a little side tracked, because of our name. Our group was called the Mama Mias. We had some wonderfully creative ladies(I mean you! Shelly & Kelly!) that rewrote the ABBA song” Dancing Queen” for our skit. It was so super, I’m going to share it here. To get the full affect you have to hum “Dancing Queen” to yourself. You have to!

Cooking Queens
Chop it up
Throw it in
Having the time of our lives

Rachael Ray
Paula Dean
You only envy me

6 am and the crock pots full
Carrots chopped and they’re cooking slow
Stirring up the batter
Getting out the platters
We’re in the breakfast zone

No one else can cook like us
We get you ready in time for the bus

Lunch box in your backpack
Gogurt for snack
Have a great day!
and when we get the chance

Chop it up
Throw it in
Having the time of our lives

We are the cooking Queens
Counters clean
it’s only 6:15!

Cooking Queens feel the heat from the sizzling meat
Oh ya
Chop it up
Throw it in
Having the time of our lives

After the Moms all of our fantastic kids also had skits, too many to recount here. It was a unbelievable day. Goldilocks made it through a group picnic that included everyone involved with camp. That’s a couple hundred people with a kid who HATES crowds. He did so well. I’m so proud of him. He asked if we could take our food to the Moms tent instead of the main eating tent. We ate there with only a few other families with the same crowd issue. We had a peaceful lunch. Both boys even entertained themselves while I took a few minutes to teach the “Hugs & Kisses” bracelet to a Mom that had been volunteering when I taught it earlier in the week. The best part of the whole day was that I was in PJs at an insanely early hour. I did take the boys back to the pool after dinner in our room, but when we returned from the pool, back into PJs I went. I’m lazy on vacation, but isn’t that the point?


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