Sunday, August 30, 2009

At least there is bad habit Goldilocks is not interested in.

We are still under siege with Goldilocks and his meds not working well. This afternoon he was behaving better than he has in weeks. So when he asked if he could walk to the park half a block away, I said "yes." We can see the park from our front window. We watched him, without his knowing for his own safety. All went well for about half a hour. Then we saw a large group of teens who didn't look like the type we would let GL hang out with—without supervision. We just watched for a while, then they seemed to get a little rowdy. So I asked Brother Bear to walk over to GL and ask him to come home. When GL got home I asked him what those kids were doing over there. He said "They were drinking Dr.WOW and smoking cigarettes. One asked me if I wanted a cigarette." I said "What did you say?" (I was thinking the worst for a second)then he replied "Heck no! Those things will kill ya!"


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