Sunday, August 9, 2009

Adversity- a lesson in trusting God

The cubs and I are leaving for vacation today. It has not gone as planned, our car broke down yesterday afternoon. It won’t shift out of first gear. The transmission is under warranty, so we should be able to get it fixed on Monday. We only have one car, so I was thinking that our prepaid nonrefundable vacation to special needs camp was gone. I called sister P. (my best friend of over 20 years and the closest thing I have to a sibling) to... well honestly, to complain and she reminded me of two things. First, is I belong to God, He will supply all of our needs. If we as a family need this vacation to refuel and get closer to God. He will make sure we get it. Second, is that I am a member of a church that will help take care of us. “call your Pastor” sister P. said. So long story short I called Papa Rooster and our church is paying for a rental car for the cubs and me to use this week. This was far more than I expected. I don’t like to ask for help, I feel demanding, and undeserving. God is often bringing me to realize that I can trust Him.

Lord, I believe,please help my unbelief. Thank you for supplying all our needs and thank you for giving us such a wonderful church.


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