Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Does Blogger Suck?

Yes. When I started this blog, I intentionally chose a simple template, one that I wouldn't have to fiddle with very often. Over the years, I added a photo at the top and some gadgets on the side. And it was good.

I occasionally had trouble getting it to display certain photos properly, but with some fiddling, I could usually make it work. Then there was one photo Blogger absolutely refused to cooperate on. No matter what I did, they insisted on cutting off half of it. I tried a new template, and it worked. It even kept most of my gadgets, but hid them in little retractable tabs on the side to keep things neat. Fine. But it ate the photo at the top, which had become the most recognizable symbol of my blog. My brand if you will. They claimed you could rearrange your page by dragging things around. So I put a photo on my page, and dragged it to the top. The template editor shows a little box labeled "photo" at the top of my page, and when I click on it, it shows my photo. But no matter what I do, blogger refuses to display my photo on my actual page.

So I told it to switch back to my old template. It did, but it removed all my gadgets, put in the gadgets it wanted, completely removed my ability to add or remove gadgets, and still no photo.


Blogger kathleen said...

I am sorry for your blogger woes...I too have felt the cruel and fickle hand of blogger on my page...I wish that I had a solution for you..:(

August 14, 2012 at 8:13 PM  

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