Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yeah, I'm still here...

Things are a little better. Changed meds again, and GL is getting up at 6 or 7 instead of 4 or 5. It takes much longer (2-2.5 hrs. generally) for him to fall asleep at night, but he stays asleep. He's stopped pounding on the walls (mostly) and his screaming is markedly decreased. Now that the samples are gone, we are jumping through hoops to get Medicaid to pay for the new med.

He's not as irritable as he was, but he still yells at people for every little thing, even things they have no control over. As you know if you've been following his story, we go to the library every day it's open. He checks out the same DVDs over and over, but they are "new" every time he checks them out, unlike the DVDs we own that he's only seen once or twice and not watched in months or years. Of course, once he gets a DVD home, its 50-50 whether he'll actually watch it. He's always asking me to request things from the library online. (Our local library is relatively small, but it's part of an excellent system.) So when we walk in the door, he runs to the desk, asks loudly if we have anything in, and runs to the DVD bin while they check. Repeated reminders not to run or shout in the library have little effect. He grabs one or more DVDs, and runs back to the desk. If we have anything in, he keeps trying to grab it before it's checked out. I've been requesting a lot of stuff this summer, trying to keep him busy so he won't pick as many fights with BB. They've started carrying some titles in Playaway View format and some Wii games. He's really enjoyed some of these, but others he loses interest in as soon as we get them home. Of course, he still doesn't want to return them. But on days when they don't have anything waiting to pick up, he yells at the librarians, and I have to hurry him out of the building.

He also still hits himself frequently and makes improbable threats like, "I'm going to chop your head off!"We're seeing his psychiatrist tomorrow. I'm glad school starts in three weeks. Home schooling was difficult, but at least we were able to maintain the same routine year-round. How do the rest of you handle summer vacation?

We've always had one parent at home full-time, which is a financial stretch. I've looked into employment, but I could only work during the hours he is in school. Unless I had summers off, my earnings would all go to paying someone to watch him. How do you manage this?


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