Monday, February 20, 2012


We had parent-teacher conferences. GL's teacher gave a glowing report of his behavior since Christmas. She also answered some questions we had about events at school, since GL's reports are notoriously unreliable. We agreed to work on extending his day, beginning with lunch in the cafeteria, since that's a noisier, less controlled environment, but he can easily be removed if necessary. He usually avoids eating around other people. It took him years to get comfortable enough to eat with his grandparents. But he loves eating lunch with his classmates, and school staff are sensitive to both his sensory and social issues with food, and don't try to insist that he eat everything or anything.

His class takes at least one field trip a week, and he hasn't been allowed to go because the school didn't have a plan for dealing with his behaviors in public. (Argh!) The plan now is to start taking him on field trips here in town, where everything is in walking distance, so I can come get him if need be, because I don't have a car when Mama Bear is at work. I think they'll be pleasantly surprised because lately his behavior in public tends to be better than his behavior around people he knows. If all continues to go this well, he should be up to a full day before the end of the year. I plan to insist on a full day in next year's IEP.

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Blogger DeeAnn said...

It's very typical for children to be better behaved around people other than family and friends, so that's a good thing for GL...right? I'm glad he is doing well in school. It can be quite a roller coaster at times. :)

February 21, 2012 at 6:20 PM  

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