Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Learn to Lead Audio Download by Brother Bear

As some of you know Papa Bear and I are in CAP (Civil Air Patrol). For cadets (Teen members) we have to take tests based off of the information in our “Learn to Lead” books. Soon I’m going to take a review test and I heard there are free audio downloads of each chapter. I like to read and listen at the same time because that helps me pay attention better. So Papa Bear and I started looking for them. We looked for about an hour but every site gave a link to a site that only had a computer version on it. Then I thought why don’t we put the computer version on Papa Bear’s Kindle which has a computer reader on it. Then we had to convert the computer version to kindle version. Once we did that we found the audio downloads at a site called Stripes to Diamonds. Under each achievement, if you click on “download an audio file of this chapter” you can download it. So if your looking for the audio downloads go to:



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