Monday, December 14, 2009

Sledding and Cake

Since MB took a cake decorating class, she has been making cakes to practice her skills. Cake is good, but we've been eating more cake than is good for us. TKDS (the kids down the street) plus some of their friends from around the neighborhood spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons sliding down the hill beside our house. GL and BB joined them. It's not much of a hill, and with the warmer temperature, the snow was turning to slush that packed down to a lumpy layer of ice. Some sleds could slide on it, but others had to be pushed all the way down the hill. They seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Then MB got the idea to bring out the extra cake. TKDS & Co. seemed puzzled at first, but everyone accepted a slice. Not everyone finished a slice. I think maybe the pieces with black and gray frosting were less appetizing. Black and gray frosting? It was a Ford 9N tractor cake. I'll let MB tell you that story.

P.S. I just realized that technically, I could call them New Kids on the Block. Nah.

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