Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Kids down the Street Come Back

The kids down the street came over for games again last night. I brought out several, and they chose Mind Your Manners. We have several game of that general type to GL learn the rules of appropriate behavior, but we have a wide variety of other games, so I was a little surprised that they chose that one. BB was home, so he was able to explain the rules and read the cards whenever someone had difficulty. I opted out of the game this time. First there weren't enough pieces. Later they found another piece, but I was busy on the computer, so I just casually observed from the next room.

They seemed to enjoy the game, but lost interest about halfway through and asked for Candyland,which they didn't finish either.

When they first arrived, the 4th grader asked his younger brother if he'd asked their mom's permission to come over. He said he'd asked their dad, and it was okay. Later their mom showed up looking for them. She said their dad didn't know where they were. They sorted that out, and got permission to stay until 6:00.

Their older brother came by later, and stayed to play for a while. By that time, they were done with board games. I had to remind them once or twice not to yell in the house, and only one person at a time on the mini-trampoline. It was almost painless.

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