Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Runaway Ralph, and Ralph S. Mouse are some of my favorite books. They're about a mouse named Ralph going on some pretty wild adventures. Adventures with his motorcycle. And speed and excitement. Any human being who likes speed and motorcycles can understand Ralph talking. People that don't just think they heard a mouse squeak funny. He is a mouse that lives in a run-down hotel called The Mountain View Inn.

In the first book, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Ralph meets a boy named Keith staying at the hotel. He understands Ralph, and he was letting him use his toy motorcycle, but then Ralph lost it. Eventually they find it, and in the end, Ralph gets to keep the motorcycle.

In the second book, Runaway Ralph, Ralph has to use his motorcycle as a kiddie car for his younger brothers and sisters because him mom and uncle made him. So he decided to run away. He ended up at a camp, where first a dog chases him into a gopher hole. Then the gopher kicked him out as soon as the dog left. Then a cat catches him, and a boy named Garth rescues him in a butterfly net. Then he's put in a cage, and the rest of the book is Ralph trying to convince Garth to let him out, so he can find his motorcycle and go back to The Mountain View Inn.

In Ralph S. Mouse, he has a boy named Ryan take him to school so he can rescue his old friend Matt's job. He takes his motorcycle with him. The problem is that Ryan lets him go in school, but won't give him his motorcycle. When Ryan gets into a fight, his motorcycle is broken in two. But in the end, Ralph gets a sports car.

I especially like these books read by William Roberts. Of course, grew up listening to them only read by William Roberts. When I requested these books on CD from the library, two of them came in, and they don't sound quite the same without William Roberts.



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