Thursday, March 12, 2009

We are alive

We have been very busy the past two months. Tax refund time (early February for us) is a time filled with budgets, school book order forms, therapy catalogs and much chaos. Finally it is all over, the books have been purchased, the lesson plans created, revised, much discussed and revised again. Now we have a clear plan of where we want to go this year at least in the areas of school and therapies. If only the rest of life were in some kind of order. Well one day at a time. We should start posting in a more regular fashion any time now. As soon as we fully recover from the colds we all caught during our planning period. Also pray for my work place. A group home for the mentally handicapped, it is currently overrun with the flu (the stomach kind). Please pray that all will recover quickly, I will not get it, and I will not bring it home to my family.


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