Monday, December 19, 2011


Papa Bear's Papa brought us some baked goods. He said, "This is stollen, but I didn't break any Commandments."

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Wild Stories

Goldilocks continues to tell outlandish stories, with no idea what people will believe, much less what would happen if they did. Given the wild stories he tells about school, I shudder to think what he tells the people at school about home. I hope they have the sense to be skeptical.

Before school this morning, according to GL, his little brother had already stabbed him multiple times with a knife and cut all his fingers off. I passed this story on to an aide when I dropped him off. Let them get used to taking his stories with a grain of salt. Or a shovelful. As he insisted the other day, "All of my lies are true!"

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

At long last

These are pictures of some of the items I made at camp this summer. Sorry it has taken this long to post them, the Bear Family is having an off year when it comes to photos. These images are the fourth attempt at photographing these projects. Brother Bear's camera ate my images twice! Then I tried again with a friends camera again, no joy. Finally Papa Bear took these for me and they are wonderful, and so is he.

In the above photo I have one of the wine charms, the beaded cheese knife and some easy memory wire bracelets that I helped the camp moms make. We had a great time. Even Angie a self pro-claimed craft hater made something she loved.

In the lower picture I have the Hugs and Kisses woven bead pattern in different sizes. I love how the same pattern can look so different if I change the size of the beads. Some of these are dainty and some are chunky monkey, but they all look great.