Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Holidays

The ancient Hebrews celebrated several festivals throughout the year to commemorate God's deliverance, protection, and blessing. The pagan nations around them celebrated festivals to their gods, many of which personified natural forces and events. Christians retained some of the Jewish festivals, added some for events in the life of Jesus and in the early church, plus numerous saints' days to remember the lives and good works of holy men and women. We as twenty-first century Americans also set aside days to celebrate the things we truly believe in:

January - New Year's Day - Drunkenness
February - St. Valentine's Day - Lust
March - St. Patrick's Day - Drunkenness
April - Easter - Gluttony
May - Mother's Day - Gluttony, Memorial Day - Anger
June - Father's Day - Greed, Gluttony, Flag Day - Pride
July - Independence Day - Pride
August - No holidays, most common month for vacations - Sloth
September - Labor Day - Envy, leading to Anger, "Patriot Day" (the 11th) - Anger
October - Halloween - Evil, Gluttony
November - Thanksgiving - Gluttony
December - Christmas - Greed

God Bless have mercy on America!



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