Wednesday, December 29, 2010

936 Posts

That's how far behind I am in reading all my blogs. What do I do? Tell Google Reader to mark them all as read, and start over, as if I were just deleting a backlog of email unopened? But I'm sure to miss some wonderfully enjoyable, informative, or uplifting posts from some of my favorite bloggers. Just read the blogs I usually enjoy most? With 128 blogs, how do I sort through them all and choose? And my favorite bloggers seem to know and share my taste in blogs, so some of them are sure to direct me to new blogs that I'll enjoy so much, I'll just have to subscribe. I need more blogs like I need another hole in my head. Delete a few subscriptions? With 128 bloggers, some of whom I've been reading long enough that they feel like old friends, how can I turn around and suddenly give them the boot? How do I even begin to sort through all those blogs to find the ones I truly love? Who has the time? What can I do? Oh, what can I do?



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