Sunday, October 31, 2010

Unlikely Adventures

Thursday morning was unseasonably warm. So much so that I found myself wading in Lake Michigan, even though the signs along the shore said not to. The signs were right. Soon I found myself swimming in Lake Michigan. The undertow had swept me off my feet and dragged me into deep water. I wondered whether this were the end, or if the current might change direction around the next point, or at least weaken enough that I could swim back to shore. Just then the bow of a submarine lifted me from the water. The entire bow dome was painted in an improbable red and white pattern.  First I thought, "This had better be an American sub." but then, "If this is an American sub, shouldn't it be somewhere else?" At least it wasn't pink like the one in Operation Petticoat. A JG appeared, and began walking toward me along the slippery metal surface, pushing a life raft, and cussing me out as only a submariner can.

Just then, the light came on. It was 6:30, time to get up and drive Mama Bear to work, so I would have the car when it came time to drive GL to therapy. I had been up past midnight searching eBay for a portable DVD player with LCD screen to replace GL's. I did eventually find one with a "buy it now" price of $30, with free shipping. It was a scratch and dent model, but guaranteed to work. The seller has 55,848 feedback ratings, 99.2% positive. Mama Bear pinched the budget until it screamed, and I placed the order Saturday. We'll see how it works out. Meanwhile, we have the loan of a player, which helps GL's peace of mind, and thus the peace of the entire household. Thanks be to God.

Some people seem to find a message from the Lord in every dream. Even in the Bible, such dreams were usually reserved for patriarchs, prophets, or apostles, and might be separated by generations or even centuries. If the Supreme Being is trying to send me a communiqué, I think He needs to lay off the ganja.

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Blogger Jen said...

If I dream of submarines tonight I will be back brandishing my keyboard at you lol. Jen

November 1, 2010 at 3:03 PM  

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