Friday, March 25, 2011


I like Blogger's commenting system. I like Wordpress' system on Wordpress pages that doesn't require you to have a Wordpress account to comment. I don't want to sign up for an account with yet another system just to leave a comment. I have enough user names and passwords to keep track of already. Yes, my computer remembers them for meā€”most of the time. There's always an exception, and since it has been filling in a password for me, when it drops the ball, I've completely forgotten what the password was.

Open ID is okay, usually, I guess. It makes me jump through a few easy hoops, but then generally lets me comment. I really wish people would use Blogger or Wordpress instead. But not the Wordpress that makes you sign in. I hate intensedebate. It makes me jump through more hoops than any of the others, and often still doesn't let me comment. If you use intensedebate as your only commenting system, I won't bother leaving a comment.  

I've seen some blogs with their own domain names use a commenting system similar to Wordpress: enter your name, email address (will not be displayed) and web site / blog url (optional). These are fine. As long as your web design is easy on the eyes, your page is quick to load, and your commenting system doesn't present unnecessary barriers to commenting, I don't mind that your have your own domain name, although I think it's overrated. That is all.



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Thank you. ;0

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