Thursday, October 7, 2010

Has your kid's room developed its own B.O.?

The boys' room has had its own B.O. lately. We change the bedding, vacuum, and air it out, which all helps, but it always seems to come back.

We are in the middle of Fall Cleaning, our annual deep-down, do-the-hard-jobs-you've-been-putting-off cleaning. When we came to the boys' room, we changed the bedding, put all the summer clothes in storage, removed the dirty laundry that had been stuffed in with the clean, cleaned the closet, vacuumed, moved all the furniture and vacuumed under it. We found dirty socks anywhere they could be hidden: under the bed, behind the bed, under the blankets, under the dressers, behind the dressers, in the toy box, in the bottom of the closet. We even found dirty dishes in the closet. And guess whose they all were?

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