Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How are the new meds working?

GL has had some pretty good days lately, and some pretty horrible days. At this point, I'd say we get about an equal number of each. He's never had much of a middle ground. It's a definite improvement. Before the new med, every day was horrible. But we know he can do better on the right combination of meds, so we aren't there yet. It's good to have a break now and then from the screaming, but this back and forth is wearing, too.

Yesterday was mostly good. We finished school on time, then went to the park and flew rockets. BB asked if he could use the computer, and I let him. But then he gave GL permission to play an online game. GL is not allowed to use the Internet or play any games but the ones we choose. (He has no concept of moderation, and it only leads to behavior problems.) BB is not allowed to give permission. So we had some yelling about that. Then a screaming fight about bedtime.

This morning GL was up at six, wanting to play the forbidden games. Then he went around and screamed everyone awake. If you need an alarm clock you can't sleep through, let us know. We'll send him right over.



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