Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Cleaning continued

Finished the kitchen yesterday, well that is, except the oven and the inside of the fridge, which are each whole-day projects in themselves. And the carpet. Removed five inches of debris clogging the vacuum. Someone had vacuumed up the remains of a balloon. It sounded a little funny, but I couldn't see any obstruction, so I kept using it. Debris continued to accumulate, but it still managed to keep sucking. By the time I found the clog, it had filled the hose from just behind the beater bar all the way to where the wand separates so various tools can be attached. Clear as mud?

I had to take the head apart to get my finger in there, and push from the other end with a long-handled spoon. Took me about an hour to clear it out and put it back together. Now my vacuum sounds happier, and my carpet is much cleaner, but I still can't get the jelly out. My mom has a carpet cleaner she'll loan me. Maybe that will get it out without the expense of renting a machine or calling in a professional.

I did the bathroom this afternoon. We have a small bath, so it doesn't take so much time as energy. I'd been spot-cleaning whatever got too disgusting, so it wasn't truly horrible, but now it is deep-down clean. Or as deep-down clean as it is likely to get. We were out of soap scum & crud dissolver, so I tried straight vinegar in a squirt bottle. Does a great job on soap scum, but leaves behind a film of its own. OTOH, it costs about $2/gal vs. $13/gal. So next time I'll use vinegar on the soap scum, and crud dissolver on the vinegar film, and I should come out ahead, right?

GL continues to show incremental improvement. We're starting to assess what didn't get done while we were under siege, and take on those tasks one at a time. With meals on hand to reheat, I didn't have to cook today. I meant to put some beef stew in the Crock Pot today, but didn't get to it. Maybe tomorrow.

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