Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baseball, continued...

Well, we're halfway through baseball season, and GL has only played one game. The first game, they changed the time, and no one told us. He played the second game. Every player gets to bat. There are no strikes. They just keep pitching until the batter gets a hit. Which GL did. On the fifteenth pitch. The coach suggested we might want to practice at home. He has less physical disability than the other players on his team, but they've all been playing for several years, and have more skill.

The third game was rained out. The fourth game was supposed to be today. Last night our street was under water up to my knees. (When Mama Bear came home from work, she had to park two blocks away. I waded out to help her carry her stuff.) This was the first time it has flooded since we moved in. The baseball field got even more rain. So the game was called. GL has not had a good day.

Since they missed two games in a row, there is a makeup game scheduled Wednesday night.

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